TEACH TAPE: Backside Linebacker Cutoff- 3 Keys

Play Type: Outside run play

Position: Backside Guard, Tackle or Center

Description: When your rule is "Reach play side gap" and your gap is empty, you will need to go through and reach the Linebacker. 



KEY 1) The Angle
Be sure to go where the Linebacker is going to be, not where he is. A great aiming point is to run through the butt of the next down lineman. That will put you on the "maximum" available angle. You can't afford to not get PLAY SIDE of your target so book it! 

KEY 2) The First Step
As with most blocks, the first step is the most important. Gain ground in the direction that you're running, don't false step or step underneath yourself. 

KEY 3) The Eyes
A lot of young players want to only look in the direction that they're running. Be sure to use your peripheral vision to track the LB that you are trying to block!  You'll need to see him to adjust to his speed and trajectory!